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How Do We Stop The FDA

I get asked all the time what is it going to take to stopped the FDA on regulating premium cigars. I've narrowed it down over time to this. It is actually what it takes to get anything done with congress. ‪#‎s‬ - You need membership to show congressman the number of people that are concerned about the issue in their districts. + $ - You have to have money to pay the lobbyists to talk to the congressman and tell them how many members you have in their district. + Time - The more time the lobbyist spend on the hill talking to congressman means more money is needed to pay the lobbyist. If all that comes together big enough and long enough then you get a win. So what does that mean? Besides becoming a member of Cigar Rights of America, if you have the a few extra dollars... CUT A CHECK! JOIN THE CRA AND THEN CUT ANOTHER CHECK! That's what it's going to take. If you "Don't want to be on a list" then just CUT A CHECK! Just ask Patrick Carr or Glynn Loope with Cigar Rights of America

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