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So… are you a booger eating moron movie go’er?

How about a … Mouth Breathing Knuckle Dragging Idiot? If you drag a toddler to an “R” rated movie this day and age you sure the hell are! If you want to see the movie and can’t find a baby sitter… Don’t go. Wait for cable, rent it later… anything! Just quit inflicting others with your damn kid. (See previous rant) Seriously, babies and toddlers ears are sound sensitive. They haven’t ruined their hearing with bad music like adults. The really cool explosions, gun fire and car crashes, not only hurt their ears more than yours you are going to be up all night while the kid has nightmares.(Granted they’re cool. I used to do that kind of work) But then again, if you drag a toddler to these types of movies you probably spend most of your spare time sitting on your low rent ass playing X-Box. Now, if you are a self involved legend in your own mind teenager or Mocos Comer Morón HinchazónJoven who can’t go two whole hours sitting through a movie without updating your MySpace or Facebook status. Don’t go see a movie. Believe it or not, your life isn’t that interesting. No really, you are not as popular as you think. Don’t believe me. Send out an update that you’re in jail and need bail money and see how many “Friends” come to bail you out. Oh, and hold your breath while you do it. Let’s count the shades of blue. When you hear that booming voice behind you that says,“Put it up or loose it!” Don’t smart off. It’s a very dark room and your mommy isn’t here to save you.

Once again we find people whose own self-importance takes precedence over being polite and considerate. General courtesy is not dead, just breathing shallowly. Don’t be afraid to stand up for you and your family’s own enjoyment by telling a booger eating moron that they need to act right or get out.

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