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90 Year Old Marine Reunited With His Rifle

In the words of a famous Marine D.I. Out-fucking-standing!

After 73 years of being separated from his issued M1 a 90 year old Marine was reunited with his dear and precious "baby". WWII was in full swing when Dick Cowell decided it was time to join up at 18 years old. By WWII statistics where the average serviceman was 27 he was very young but still felt it was his duty following in a long line of family members who have severed. His father served in World War I and great-grandfather fought in the Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War.

His son Richard had heard the family stories for years about his dad's service as well as the other family members. But that rifle always held a special place in his family's history. Richard spent six months hunting down the rifle after finding a white piece of paper with the word “Springfield” written in cursive followed by the serial number “3594593” in his father’s desk.

“It didn’t matter the cost. I was going to buy it even if I had to mortgage the house.” Richard said.

He found the rifle on and after Richard outbid a tough competitor, the firearm was his.

“The rifle spent two weeks in my room before I gave it to my father,” Richard said. “I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I couldn’t believe it was finally ours.”

Dick was presented the rifle by his grandson on Veteran's Day.

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