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So Pookie quit smoking... Now What?

President Pookie has stated and promised that, "I no longer will smoke cigarettes in the White House." That hasn't stopped him from smoking on the porch mind you. To even further take your freedom away from you, Barack Obama is now proposing to enact a nationwide ban on smoking on college campuses. He has instructed Howard Koh, assistant secretary for health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to announce a national initiative at the University of Michigan School of Public Health to stamp out tobacco use on college campuses. A number of colleges have already moved to become smoke-free voluntarily. Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights claim that 774 American college campuses had eliminated smoking by July 1, including 562 that banned tobacco completely, according to USA Today.

What has been the effects of these smoking bans. Well for one thing with fewer smokers means there are less taxes collected for Children's Healthcare.

What?! Smoking taxes fund Children's Healthcare??? Yes it does, health care revenue is down because so many people have quit smoking cigarettes that poor little children are going without healthcare.

I've written several articles over the years regarding this subject. That when taxes are levied on something that is considered to be bad for you. And then the government does everything it can to stop that behavior. Who will be left to fund what those taxes are earmarked for?

Are we going to have "designated smokers" who have to buy tobacco every month to fund the taxes but not even get to enjoy the smokes? The fact is that the majority of cigarette smokers are of middle to low income. The range of cigar smokers is the entire financial spectrum. So raising taxes on tobacco puts more of a burden on the poor in this country than anyone else.

So lets stop taxing for "The sake of the children" and telling grown Americans what they can and can not due. Fight it at every corner. Speak your mind and stop worrying about offending someone with your opinion. It is just as valid as anyone else.

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