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OK, After Hurricane Sandy, Enough Is Enough

It's been 50 years since the trade embargo with Cuba was set down by President Kennedy (after he received his 1200 cigars mind you). Just this year, travel to Cuba has finally been cleared, but you still can't bring back a Cigar? U.S. Customs at Chicago's O'Hare Airport typically confiscates some 1,000 Cuban cigars a week. Some weeks spike to as high as 50,000 per week. The last two big hurricanes to hit Cuba, Rita in 2005 and the latest Sandy, have decimated the tobacco crops. Since Rita, Cuba has been trying to recover and it has led to most Cuban cigars containing tobacco from Porto Rico.

Now being someone who has smoked many a fine Cuban cigar and cigars made from tobacco from other countries I do feel that Cuban cigars are not necessarily the best anymore. Anyone who grows anything knows that the quality of the plant is based upon only a few factors. Sun, rain, seed and soil. That’s not to say Cuban cigars are not great smokes and very enjoyable. But with the embargo and the Castros' continued oppression of the country main major blenders left to go elsewhere.

But it’s been 50 years, enough is enough. Drop the embargo of goods and let’s help a neighbor by buying their products. If Kennedy would have lived this embargo would have been lifted decades ago and the beard has had a major stroke. Time for it to end.


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