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Cheesy Bag-O-Crap

Some companies amaze me. My wife and I do a lot of work for different charities. All volunteer. With these groups we typically have auctions and banquets with auctions to raise money.

In many cases I will contact a business that has a similarity in the field. (i.e. for Friends of NRA I may contact an ammo company) Many of these companies have a lot of organizations asking for donations of goods, services or money and can get flooded with charity calls. I'm not pushy like some others. If they can help that's fantastic. If they can't, I understand, and no hard feelings.

But it's the ones that tell me, "We can't send you anything for the auction. But we can send you some brochures, pens and maybe a couple of t-shirts to hand out to your volunteers." REALLY, you won't support my charity with a product donation, but you will send me swag or a cheesy bag of crap that has your name all over everything so we can advertise for you.

Response: "Hey, that would be great. I'll email you an address."

I have a closet full of cheese bags of crap.

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