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Burn It All Down!

What is it with the far left wing commie pinko slug suckers that disconnects any kind of common sense? They have become an Orwellian's wet dream. (That's someone who like George Orwell for the rocket scientists playing along a home) Animal Farm, 1984, Politics and the English Language... all leading up to causing Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. If you don't understand these references... you are part of the problem.

The young left don't understand what useful idiots they have become for the old left. Understand that the old left never truly abandoned their hippie ideology. They are now in charge. They infiltrated and have been working steadily to undermine this country. They started by becoming teachers and administrators in the public school system to indoctrinate our children. I was one of those kids. Now, my parents saw what was happening and took a strong hand in my education at home, but I remember the things that many of my teachers tried to indoctrinate me into. The only failing grade I ever received was in a high school government class. Because I wouldn't regurgitate what my teacher was preaching and argued with her. After my first report card came out I raised enough of a stink to get it investigated. I actually had passed all my tests with a 98 average. And it's just become worse over the years.

The old left don't even understand that they themselves are being used by the left elite. I'm going to go back to the very beginning of the feminist movement. Put your outrage in check and learn something. I believe in equal work equal pay. If you can do the job, do it. But understand the feminist movement changed a mind set in this country. More than the hippie dippy commie pinko crap. The feminist movement was brought on as a long term control measure. Nick Rockefeller, son of David Rockefeller, was busted in a drunken moment on tape, admitting to how his family had helped bring on the feminist movement and why. It was presented to the masses as women are equal to men. Equal work for equal pay. But it was designed by the Rockefeller Foundation. At the time, most women were housewives and stay at home mothers. So the majority of half the population was at home and not being taxed. By sending the majority of the demographic into the work force they are now taxed, plus it begins the downfall of the family unit. This put more children into school, pre-school and day cares. By manipulating the education system as to what and how things are taught. you get the young early and taught the agenda. Understand this is a long game coup that's been in the works for almost a century.

Now take a step back and take an objective look at our current situation. Children are taught revisionist history. That if they tear down the reminders of the history they don't like then it will cease to have happened. They want to destroy every Civil War Monument. But yet they revere the statue of Lenin in Seattle. Look up his body count. The job market is so flooded two income households have to exist in order to make ends meet. Individualism is more important than self reliance. But the individualism that is taught is really sameness and group think. The history that is taught to our youth is so convoluted they doesn't even understand that Nazism is socialism (National Socialist Party of Germany). So they are fighting themselves in the street, not understanding they are the same. I could quote many things from Rand or Orwell. Read the books and learn for yourself. Become self reliant and free thinking.

So what's the answer? Wake up. Burn it all down? Burning it down wont work. But calling out BS when you see it is a start. Holding our leaders accountable is a start. Teaching our youth correctly is a start. Don't just find a problem and bitch. Find or help find a solution.

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