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So Steve Stephens uses Facebook Live to broadcast killing Robert Godwin. But where's the outcry to ban Facebook live? Whenever someone kills a person with a gun, the left starts spouting "He wouldn't have been killed if the killer didn't have access to the gun!" Which any sane minded person knows is bullshit. If someone really wants to kill another person they will find a way. But that's another topic.

By the same token then, would Stephens have killed Robert Godwin if he wouldn't have been able to broadcast it? How different is it really? There isn't any. It's actually the same BS argument.

If he wouldn't have had Facebook Live he would have used YouTube.

If he wouldn't have had access to a gun he would have used a knife.

If he didn't have access to a knife he would have used a hammer.

SUV kills 4 in accident. NOT driver of SUV lost control, but it's the vehicles fault.

Or some other inert object that could be used to kill that poor innocent man. It is not the tool or media used to display the murder that is the problem. It's the wakko nut-job that uses the weapon. This piece of subcutaneous puss shithead did the world a favor and killed himself. The world is much brighter for it. When ever these types of tragedies happen don't jus read headlines and then start spewing mind spewing group think. Just because it's commonly known and said with vehemence doesn't make it correct or right.

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