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Let the Butt Hurt Begin!

Ok, let the butt hurt begin. To all the parents out there whose precious little snowflake has to work on Thanksgiving. Before you start whining about it, I want you to really think back over the past Thanksgivings. If you and your family or friends ever went: shopping, to the grocery store, to a movie, to a restaurant for dinner, watch football on TV or went to a game, or did anything that involved being around someone else working... SHUT UP AND DEAL. All those people you encountered in those or any other activity are some else's mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. They work because they need to, want to or for any of another variety of reasons. If you don't want people working on Thanksgiving. Then stop participating in other activities that day. All those people who WORK a football game you are watching are there for and because of the above. Those interests and activities are open and needing people to work because people are using their services.So if you have every participated... then your baby isn't anymore special than all those other people you bothered those other years.

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