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And The Butt Hurt Begins

So all the whining and butt hurt begins. All the Hillary supporters are talking about now is how it was uneducated white people that elected Trump. Nope that's not true. Look at the stats. White people are still the majority in this country. Oh, wait... a black man was elected twice.

Oh, well it was sexism. They didn't vote for her because she was a woman. Well, woman are part of the biggest voting block in this country. During the campaign all the supporters of hers said we needed to vote for her because she is a woman. Isn't that sexism. You have to vote for someone because of their sex is the same as not voting for them for the same reason.

It boils down to she offended blue collar workers (BTW that doesn't mean uneducated. I know many BCW's that have degrees and love what they do. She offended the religious in this country. She offended the military and the families that love them. She offended and scared gun owners. She spouted a even stronger socialist agenda than the previous administration. She lied to people. She killed people, had them killed or left them to die. The only people who supported her were the young who have been brainwashed into excepting that they need their rights taken away, sexists who only wanted a female president, democrats who can no longer think for themselves and have become mind numbed robots who can do nothing but pull the "D" lever when they vote and other socialists who just want to be taken care of and not work for a living.

It comes down to this. Trump won because he was less of a threat to the silent majority than Hillary. When you alienate, degrade, berate and shame to many people. They will unite to overthrow you.

You just saw it happen.

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