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Commies, Pinkos and Lefties

Let's talk about the current political situation. Whether Dem or Rep look at the people currently in power. Baby Baby Boomers and Flower Children. Both of who worship at the feet of Commies like Linen and Socialists like Mao.These are the people in control and vying for control of our government. Their approach to getting there are just different paths.

If you don't believe me look at their generations greatest event. Woodstock. It was Peace, Love and Music. It was also, let's indoctrinate these stoned idealist useful idiots into killing this country.

And here we are. This photo is a rare one from Woodstock. You just won't see it very often because it doesn't fir the narrative of the event.

But this is who is in charge now. Time to clean the slate and bring back our rights and common sense.

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