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Breaking News: Criminals Don't Buy Guns Leagaly

As the leftist commie pinko nutjobs still try to take your 2nd Amendment Rights away from you one of the arguments they use to justify this is with "Criminals won't be able to have access to guns". Anyone with half an active brain cell knows that criminals buy guns on the street. Most of these guns were stolen during robberies, burglaries and hold ups. Not at gun stores, gun shows or on the internet. Why? Because that leaves a trail of paperwork or transactions that can be traced.

Now while most criminals that are caught are on the low end of the intelligence scale they are not THAT stupid. Why would you go commit a crime with a weapon that can be traced back to you or the person you bought it from if you have to ditch it in a get-a-way. But yet this premise of gun sales is perpetuated over and over.

Well outside of the People Communist Republic of California you don't get more liberal than Chicago. They have the strictest gun laws but yet have the highest crime rate and kill ratio. So when the University of Chicago performs a study and comes up with the results that criminals don't legally buy guns... maybe someone should pay attention.

"A new study conducted by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, inmates in the Cook County jail said they get they guns on the streets from “personal connections” rather that outlets like guns shows and the Internet.

The study focused on “inmates who were facing gun charges or whose criminal background involved gun crimes.

”According to the Chicago-Tribune, Crime lab co-director Harold Pollack said the study shows that “some of the pathways [regarding guns] people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant.” He said very few inmates indicated using gun shows or the internet. Rather, they get the guns in undetectable ways on the street. He said the inmates know they run the risk of being caught by police but “were less concerned about getting caught by the cops than being put in the position of not having a gun to defend themselves and then getting shot.

”The vast majority of the inmates used handguns to commit their crimes or protect themselves, very few cited using “military-style assault weapons.” And they said their habit was to get rid of a gun after one year because of the “legal liability” of being caught with a gun that could be linked to crimes they or others committed.

”As for specifics regarding sources for purchasing guns, some of the inmates indicated that gangs have individuals with a Firearm Owners Identification Card who buy guns then sell them to gang members. Others indicated using “corrupt cops” who seize guns then “put them back on the street.

”The inmates made clear they do not walk into gun stores to buy guns. Which proves a point Breitbart News, Gun Owners of America, and other gun rights groups have made for years; namely, that background checks place a burden on law-abiding citizens which criminals easily avoid.' "

Breitbart article

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