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Good God Folks, Get Some Perspective On Things!

While most of the mass attacks on the US has been by a member of the Muslim faith, your odds of actually being killed by a Middle Eastern Muslim is pretty slim. Meanwhile we bash the governments alphabet departments (FBI, CIA, NSA) for not preventing more of the tragedies like what occurred in Orlando. But truth be told you are more likely to be killed by someone converted to Islam in our own prison system than an immigrant. Not to mention we release killers everyday from prisons who just return for committing murder again after being released.

We put more people in prison in this country than the rest of the world combined. In most cases prisoners aren't rehabilitated. They learn from other criminals how to be better at what they do. The non-violent criminals are mixed in with the others. Most of those are there on drug charges. Get rid of the drug convictions and over crowding in our prison system would be solved.

Then ramp up the use of the death penalty. I'm proud to say that the Great State of Texas executes more prisoners every year than all the other States in the Union combined. But we still don't use it enough. The other states need to ramp up the frequency and voltage. We stopped using "Old Sparky" in this state because of two excuses. "We couldn't find anyone to flip the switch anymore." and "It's to cruel an execution method".

  1. Nobody called my house looking for someone to flip the switch. As a matter of fact. Let's drag in some metal chairs and handcuff a few more into a circle. Let's clean house.

  2. Too cruel!? What the hell is too cruel? They are being killed because society has deemed it would be better off without them on this planet. They did something so bad that we are going to kill them back.

Look at the crime report every week from Chicago. You are more likely to be killed by a black male between the ages on 14-25 than getting food poisoning from eating that tuna fish sandwich out of the rest stop vending machine.

I'm not saying something doesn't need to happen with Muslim immigration. It needs to cease until we have a better system in place. But don't ignore what is right in front of you, or beside you, in the mean time.

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