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Goat Humpper Goes On Rampage In Florida

Unlike many in the media, I don't jump on the band wagon until more information is available when an incident like what has occurred in Florida. Let's be clear on what we know.

  1. He was an American.

  2. He was a Muslim.

  3. As such he hated homosexuals. Not disliked... hated.

  4. He had a high end "has to be vetted by the government" job (G4S Secure Solutions)

  5. He was a guard at the Port St. Lucie Court House.

  6. He lived 100 miles from Orlando

  7. None of the guns he owned were full automatic

  8. He voted Democrat his entire life

  9. He was not a member of the NRA

  10. He called 911 to admit he was there on behave of Isis.

  11. His father tried to run for President in Afghanistan.

  12. Islam is in a Holy War against the US.

  13. The US refuses to acknowledge that fact.

So... how is this about gun control?

Which political side politicized this tragic event first?

Before the bodies were even cold, identified and many family members were even notified. The Left starts banging their drums about gun control.

Here's a news flash. It wasn't the guns fault. It was a Muslim follower of Isis that was at fault. He was a home grown terrorist whose allegiance wasn't with the country of his birth but with the faith of his heritage.

You notice you don't hear about the possible mass shootings that were stopped by an armed citizen. Not a police officer, but an armed citizen.

I have worked off and on over the years with a group called The Pink Pistols helping to train their members in handgun usage and tactical training. They are a group of firearms shooters that are gay. They first started their group as a way to protect themselves, with training, back in the day when many gays in Houston were being stalked and beaten. Once a few stalkers were shot at... that problem was greatly reduced. Why, they banded together and protected each other. The Houston Police Department also PROFILED the physical description of the perps. They didn't stop and question Chinese lesbian water polo players who were confined to wheelchairs. They stopped and questioned 18-30 year old white males wearing flannel and Doc Martin shoes with red shoe laces. And you know what. With the combination of police profiling and the target group arming themselves the problem pretty much went away when there were no longer any easy targets.

I have included that piece of history to make a point.

  1. A hate filled man was the problem, not the gun.

  2. Other Muslims will not stand up and give up these terrorists as long as we don't profile the perp.

  3. That's Male. Muslim. 16-40 years of age.

  4. If guns would have been allowed in da club, he would have been stopped very soon after he got started.

  5. Islam is a faith, not a race.

  6. Profiling works

  7. Stop reacting to things with agendas. Stop, get the facts, react with forethought on those facts.

Is it going to be fair to Muslim males who are not radicalized? No it isn't, but then life isn't fair. The "F" word (fair) needs to be slapped out of the mouth of every kindergarten teacher in this country. (But that's another article.)

When the profiled become inconvenienced enough they will start turning over the trouble makers.

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