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Transgender Bathrooms... Non Issue

The world as we know it is up in arms about transgender bathrooms. This is such a non-issue you knuckle-draggers don't even understand that it IS a non-issue.

You do realize that until this got the attention of the left-wing media.... NO ONE CARED. There was exactly no one crying out in the wilderness that it was unfair if they had a pee-pee and needed to pee-pee that they felt uncomfortable going into a men's restroom.

Well here's the big secret. They have been all their life up until now. Men who dress and identify as women have been going in and using the women's restroom for CENTURIES. This is not a new thing. They are not the problem. The whole issue is this opens up the shitter to perverts to have access more easily. And women go in packs. When's the last time you saw a women go to a public restroom alone. Most also pack heat now. And as far as women in a men's restroom... if you've ever been to a concert, that happens all the time. And the men will watch the door while they are in there. Not every man is a pervert/starker/rapist unlike what the media will portray us as. Besides, Obama is so on top of this someone needs to access his browser history to see how many up-skirt sites he accesses.

The reason it's a non-issue is that it is nothing more than slight of hand for the government and Obama Administration. While you're out there being offended and upset about something that in all reality doesn't concern you and never will affect you. They are pilfering social security to the tune of $15.8 billion and countless other things going on that will affect you way more than a guy in a dress.

This does not mean that we need to let laws or ordinances to be passed that will allow the few perverts out there easier access to restrooms and locker rooms. But stop clicking the click-bait and focusing so much on what the left hand is doing that you don't see the right hand picking your pocket.

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