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A Profound Message That Still Stands

With the country basically up for grabs by Hitlary or the Mad King. This letter written by Stephen F. Austin. One of the founders of the Great State of Texas. It seems to resonate and applies to our country now.

''What is needed in Texas is men, not open mouthed politicians, nor selfish visionary speculators, nor jealous ambitious declamatory demagogues who will irritate the public mind by inflammatory criticisms about temporary evils and by indulging in vague surmises. We need men of enlightened judgment, disinterested prudence, and reflection, with a great stock of patience, unshaken perseverance and integrity of purpose. Men who will calmly put their shoulders to the wheel and toil for the good of others as well as for their own, and who will be contented to rise with the country without trying to force it forward prematurely to overtop the general level of prosperity by undue individual advancement. A band of such men firmly linked together by the bonds of mutual confidence and unity of purpose and action could and would make Texas the garden of North America.''

- Stephen F. Austin

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