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PC Police

What is it with the PC Police and wanting to change words. We are now supposed to stop using words like freshman or fisherman and even the word master being changed to owner in the IT world. Man is a reference to our genus, not our gender.

HEY NIMRODS! GET THE #$*&^ OVER IT! There is nothing in the constitution that says you can never be offended by something. Also you ignorant ass libtards need to quit being offended for other people. If someone is offended by something it's their problem. Not yours. Get your damn noses out of everyone else's business and keep it in your own damn yard.

The rest of you, this crap only works if you let it work. Stop censoring yourself for the sake of others who feel they know better than you. IF someone is a 1st year student they are a freshman. If you fish you are a fisherman. Stop using hyphenated references. You are not a "X"-American. You are an American. Most of our ancestors did come from somewhere else. But we were born here. That makes us native to this land and therefor Americans and by the grace of God some of us Texans.

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