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So which generation went wrong? aka What the hell happened?!

Ok, so I’m a talk radio junkie. Michael Berry in the morning. One of the best in Houston. After Michael, Rush, pod cast Laura Ingram, a little of Matt Patrick and then the angriest white man in America Michael Savage. By the end of the day I can’t see straight because my eyes are bleeding and my faith in my elected representatives is once again shaken. My only question of late, “How did we get to this point?” I was always good in History during school. I was the nerd that got the political nuances that Mrs. Brown (name changed to protect the guilty) was trying to get across to the class. Well, it filtered through into my synapses while asleep and drooling on my desk anyhow. I even failed the first semester of US Government because I would argue in class, history and truth compared to her liberal agenda. Now that’s not to say I’m a conspiracy nut. I don’t hear the black helicopters flying over but I do see their shadows. So being the student of history I study and remember enough to look back at our country and try to see where it all started falling apart. The government doing everything for you. People expecting hand-outs instead of hand-ups. Bail out after failed bail out. Cash for Clunkers… now there’s a good one. The government takes your money, gives it to some other guy and then they give it to a dealer that has already been bailed out or is a foreign maker. (side note, if you buy foreign at least buy the ones built in the US) All in the name of unproven global warming. Yes Virginia... it’s just an unproven theory. The geniuses that came up with program said, “We have enough money to last until the end of October.” Guess what… they were broke in a week and dumped 2 billion back into the program. These are the same morons that are trying to give us all health care. Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program. If you really look far enough back it started with Woodrow Wilson and then FDR and the whole New Deal, Chicken in Every Pot era. But it really didn’t get screwed up until the baby boomers started to become old enough to be in political power.

When Judge William Wayne Justice gave felons more rights than they deserve. When the ACLU started playing the race card because everyone became afraid of lawsuits and liberal, making law from the bench judges came into power. So for those of us around 40 to 45 years old, it’s our parent’s fault. We, the lost generation, are going to have to clean it up. We are the generation between the Boomers and the Generation X’ers. We are lost because we are between the old schoolers and the computer kids. The ones always playing catch-up. So where did it go wrong? It went wrong when the hippies grew up too late and didn't have the where-with-all to admit they made mistakes so they just through more money at it in hopes it will go away and they wont be blamed. I’m blaming and pointing fingers.

I’m calling them on the carpet for setting my country. The country I fought for. The country and the Great State of Texas that burns a spot in my heart that cannot be tread upon or quenched, down the road to socio-communism. The Nancy Peloicis and Harry Reeds who are doing everything they can to destroy the country our founding fathers created. I will not go gently into that good night. I will campaign against ANY elected official that goes down this path. If I can’t afford to right a check for a good, decent individual who runs against these people, I will donate my time and sweat to see them get where they need to be. I can rant for hours on this subject. Just ask my wife. She would have that glazed donut “Oh, lord here we go again” look on her face. But, she listens and that’s one of the reasons I love her. I do what I can when I can. I can ask no more from others. I have no tolerance for sheep who move with the herd.

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