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Just Not Great At Anything

Have you ever felt, “I’m just not that great at anything”. Not that you’re not good at what you do to make a living or at a hobby you have, but just that you aren’t great or fantastic at anything. I am a case in point. I’ve been called everything from a Jack-of-all-trades to a walking encyclopedia. (For those under the age of 25 an encyclopedia is a set of books that contain references to most things of common knowledge. It’s like, you know, Wikipedia only on paper.) Anyhow I’m the guy people say they don’t want to play Trivial Pursuit with. While full of tons of mostly useless information and good at most of the things I learn and attempt to do… I have come to the conclusion that for the most part, I’m not great at anything. When I look back at my life I have always done, like most Americans, what I needed to do at the time to make a living and provide for my family. Most times that has been more than some and less than others. Again, good, but not great. I found my first job when I was 14 and I have worked ever since. I’ve sacked groceries, cleaned horse stalls, framed houses, installed air conditioning, mowed yards, electrician’s helper, actor, stuntman, disc jockey, entertainer, graphic designer, international courier, t-shirt vendor, made custom door jams, haunted house designer… and the list goes on. All the while still receiving a formal education. Again, I did everything well… but not great. I don’t know if others feel as I do at times, but I will make the assumption of yes. We look at those who have excelled in their lives and wonder at times. Why can’t I be that good at what I do? Or, Damn, he falls in shit and comes up smelling like a rose. He couldn't find his butt with a ten man working party and flashlight, but he comes out ok. I have never been one to desire what someone else has but human nature gets the best of you sometimes and you covet. But it doesn’t last long. I’m happy for people who succeed. Succeeding at something you love to do is the American Dream. That’s not to say I haven’t succeeded at things in my life and don’t consider myself to be a loser at all. I can say the most successful thing I have ever done was marry my wife Jenny. She also came with a great daughter. My wife tells me I’m a great husband but I think she’s a little biased. I do my job well. I live my life righteously. I love my wife unconditionally and I take care of my friends like family. In many was some of my friends are closer to me than family. My life is rich even if my bank account isn’t. So I guess I am great at life, even if the things I do in it are only good. It has added up to great. So if you live seems stalled. Add up what you’ve done. I think you’ll find it’s pretty great,

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