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The Eulogy for Gary

Ladies and Gentleman. Friends and family. I would like to start this celebration of Gary's life by thanking you for coming today. For truly did Gary celebrate life. I would like to express from Betty and the rest of the family our sincerest thanks for all the love, well wishes, and prayers that have poured forth from their friends and extended family. You have all been a blessing through this trying period and have made what could have been a hard road, a little less bumpy. For those of you with whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, my name is Lloyd Lively and I am proud to say I am Gary's son-in-law.

The sun rose for Chet and Tena Hayward on March 22, 1934 when Gary Earl Hayward entered into this world right here in San Diego. And as the sun rises it also must set. On November 30, 2010 at the age of 76 years, 8 months and 8 days... Gary was called home to be with his lord.

Gary spent his entire life here in San Diego. Finding the love of his life Betty, whose marriage endured for 45 years. What Betty will miss most was Gary's ability to find ways to show his love and understanding. No matter what the issue or problem Gary just, understood. She will miss his jokes, his smiles and his teasing. And in Gary's world, if you weren't teased, you weren't loved. I know with Gary... I was loved allot. Those that know and love Betty and Gary know that they enjoyed taking many trips with each other. They would always call Jenny and myself and tell us where they were headed and how long they would be gone. Jenny and I would always shake our heads and say... can we carry your bags. Because their trips were unbelievable. Gary always told Betty that this next trip was “once in a lifetime”. And so was the next trip... and the next trip... and the next one. Because he lived each and everyday, just that way. With a sparkle in his eye, wanting to know what was happening next.

Through the years Gary was quit the entrepreneur. He worked at many things including selling insurance, he had real-estate investments, a few motorcycle repair shops, automotive paint and body shops. Even farming and selling Amway. Some of his daughter Jenny's fondest memories were the times she spent on the back of Gary's motorcycle. And from his car restorations over the years Gary became THE expert to go to. Volunteering many hours with his friends at the Antique Automobile Museum and their restoration shop and judging most of the local car shows. Gary worked on so many cars and motorcycles at home I think San Diego created 3 or 4 zoning laws because of him.

Gary left this world without his family being ready for him to go. I myself only had the honor of a little over 7 years of having Gary in my life. But then are any of us really ready to loose a cherished and righteous man? The other thing I can say truly is the only thing Gary loved more than automobiles was his children and grandchildren.

My father-in-law had what could only be described as having a passion for life and a love of the lord. Gary and I shared many of the same passions; motorcycles, old cars, real-estate, politics and though he quit smoking years ago... a fine cigar. I often reminded Gary that no one likes a quitter... but he took the jab in stride with his ever present smile and quick wit. I can honestly say Gary and I never lacked for a subject and in either of our cases, an opinion.

What can I say... Gary did it all and he did it in what can only be called, Gary's Style. Many have made a comparison between myself to Gary... and that is high praise from my point of view.

Gary will be greatly missed by his friends, but mostly by family. His wife, Betty, his son Brad and wife Rachelle, his daughter Jenny and myself. He will be missed by his brother Clark and sister Susan and his step-mother Joanne. Gary was blessed with 3 grandchildren. Jenny Rene who is currently stationed in Tarin Kout, Afghanistan in the US Army and Collin and Griffin. To his grandchildren I leave a charge. Never forget your grandfather. And to his children I charge, never let them.

To my father-in-law I say well met, till we meet again. May the sun be on your face, the wind in your hair and your engine well tuned. We will miss you and we love you.

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